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Well, that’s my Desktop. Not very spectacular, as you can see.

Well, that’s my Desktop. Not very spectacular, as you can see.

folkenmalmur asked: SCREEN PRINT TIME! Take a screen print of your desktop without rearranging/deleting anything. Post it, then send this to 10 fellow tumblr users. GO!

Sure, just a moment. 

As I mentioned before, I am currently working on putting together another artbook with the working title ‘Bergeslust’. This one will will be kept in black and white feature a lot more writing than ‘Holtleven’. These writings will be split into several chapters dealing with both nature and personal struggles and will therefore be quite personal. Despite the German title, the text will be in English. More information will follow as soon as there is more to tell. 

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To all our followers, fans and customers!

We have great news for you all. We finally found a way to get our shipping prices down. So from now on we do not only have our stock at cheap prices, but also our shipping costs.

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- Surtur

Since I am working with this label, I’ll reblog this. So, if you’re into black metal of any kind, I’d advice you to have a look, you might get a good deal. I myself still have some releases from IFP in my own stock as well, so if you are interested in any IFP release, have a look at my shop as well.